Hi! I'm Callie. I am the sole individual behind Charm Post. I am 23 years old and graduated with a Bachelors in Digital Media and Design. I stay very busy! I started Charm Post as a way to share the magic I experienced as a child. Homeschooled K-12, I had time in the day to spend using my imagination to create amazing worlds inspired by story books. Reading alongside such wonderful illustrations gave me the inspiration to constantly seek out the small and magical parts of life. Charm Post gives me the freedom to create and share storybook-esque adventures with kids all over the world!

Charm Post is a small business. Despite my global following and heavy workflow, this business operates within a remodeled butler's pantry beside my kitchen. The room itself is roughly 10'x10' (3x3 meters). You can rest assured that the letters you receive are created and handled with much love. The process begins with digital illustration and lettering. From there, they are printed, folded, and stuffed into my signature purple envelopes which have been carefully addressed. Once they are dropped off at the post office, they are off into the world on their own!