July: The Bermuda Triangle

Ahoy, everybody! Callie here, and boy do I have an adventure for you this month! Louise finds herself stuck in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Now, if you know anything about sea lore, you probably have heard of this place and how troublesome it can be! You'll hear about the journey when the letter arrives in your mailbox, but for now, enjoy some special additional content!


Hidden Character Spotlight

James: A Rat at Sea

James grew up as most rats did. Scavenging for meals, hiding from alley cats, and snuggling up with his many family members. Almost twice the size of a normal rat and certainly twice as round, James found it difficult to navigate the narrow hiding places of his old home and decided to set sail on the open seas in search of a new life. He dreamed of white, sandy beaches, palm trees, and sprawling jungles in which to play. He found himself aboard the S.S. Cooper, a sturdy old whiskey barrel with a good float and plenty of space. Many rats were aboard the Cooper, and right before they rolled into the open sea, along came a girl who called herself Louise. Now, James had always hidden from humans, but this girl hopped right into the barrel with hardly a second thought and even brought along a bushel of apples to share. She didn't scream, or hop around on one foot, or even make funny faces at the rats! In fact, the spoke right to them in their very own language, called Rat Speak, and took the time to learn about them. James was certain the journey to his new home would be enjoyable as long as Louise was aboard the S.S. Cooper.

Mythical Creature Highlights

John William Waterhouse - Ulysses and the Sirens (1891)

History of the Mermaid

Mermaids have existed throughout history for a LONG time. The first known stories of mermaids showed up as early as 1000 BC in Assyria. Greek mythology also had its own version of mermaids and sirens, and were said to have initially been half woman and half BIRD. Whether it be through misinterpretation or simply preference, mermaids have evolved into one of the most notorious and recognizable mythical creatures to date.


Mermaid in Harry Potter

Mermaids have been depicted in countless ways throughout the years. Huge names such as Barbie, Harry Potter, and Disney have all contributed to the mermaid's diverse representation. From the lovely and fiery-haired Ariel to the fearsome and fanged foes of Harry Potter, there's no shortage of ideas on how the mermaid could be portrayed. In this instance, Louise encounters an Atlantic Mermaid, which uses camouflage techniques to hide itself from its fearsome foe, the KRAKEN. These mermaids typically have green and blue coloring, sea-weed like features, and big eyes that allow plenty of light in to see in the dark waters.

Sirens vs. Mermaids

Mermaids have long been compared to their close relative, the Siren. While the lines distinguishing these two can be pretty blurry, history has repeatedly described Sirens as the more dangerous and terrifying of the two. Known to trick sailors into drowning with their enchanting singing and beauty, Sirens were feared throughout the seas by those who did not want to be lured to a watery grave.

Louise and the Mermaid

Louise is lucky to encounter such a friendly mermaid during her time in the Bermuda Triangle. While not all mermaids have been depicted as fearsome and treacherous, historically, they aren't the most helpful creatures either. Often vain and uninterested in the lives of humans, they keep to themselves mostly. Who is the mysterious, lone mermaid? Was she also trapped in the Triangle? Why does she help the humans who are stranded? The world may never know...

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: For Beginners

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